America, for the ride of my life. And thanks to those of you that shared your thoughts and our memories, with me in my book “Ekomerika“. I am so grateful to James, Nick, Zachary, Jennifer, Mike, Michael, Lisa, Eric, Raul, Daniel, Huck, Antonio, Carlos, Oswaldo, Erika, Karen, Ligia, Samantha, Baptiste, Jhon, Laura, Enrique, Lucia, Mattieu, Deva, Dan, Arcadio, Pedro, Sebastian, Martin, Susan, Mauricio, Carsten and Anne for being part of the journey on the road and on the pages.

Diego, for my last night in Buenos Aires.

Matt, once again for inviting me to your sweet San Telmo home. You always make me smile nice guy.

The crew and passengers, for a spectacular cruise to Antarctica. You are too many to mention you all, but especially Udo for all the photography expertise and Jerry for lending me your lens when mine broke. Reine for giving me an interview during your tiny time off. And Tash for bringing me room service when I was sea sick and making me laugh at all times, even when sea sick.

My bike Emma, for carrying me all this way until we ran out of road in Lapataia. Soon it is my turn to carry you home.

Siska, for sharing the last kilometers and the last emotions to the end of the road with me. Also a big thanks to the other sweet cyclists and sailors at the end of the world, in the end of their trips. To Marcus, Dorothee, Romain, Baptiste, Dimitri, Laurie, Julian, Meredith, Fernando, Ben and Jo, for sharing all the bike love during congratulations and celebrations in Ushuaia.

Dan, for backpacking in a cyclist pace and meeting up with me in Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and Ushuaia. All the best to you Bru.

Emilio, for inviting me to your bakery and biker haven. Every time a cyclists talks about the bakery in Tolhuin they do it with a sweet smile and now, so do I.

Joanna and Ben, for the company between a warm waiting hall at the border at San Sebastian to a shared room in Rio Grande, and the cheese sandwiches in between.

Ilse and Johan, for giving me hand warmers and an emergency blanket in preparation for Tierra del Fuego.

Marcus and Dorothee, for the camping company, hot chocolate and red wine between Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas.

Leo, for letting us camp on your farm on the road from Puerto Natales, with shelter from the Patagonian winds.

Koen, for the interview and insight about the forest fire in Torres del Paine.

Walter at the crossing at Tapi Aike, for the great welcome with many cups of tea, a shower and a bed. Exacly what I needed after a very windy day.

Fabian at the police station in the pampa, for taking me in for the night and giving me shelter from the wind. It was so nice to be inside where everything was warm; the room, the food, the hospitality.

Anne and Carsten, for reappearing everywhere on the route. You are not only nice, you are also very helpful. Carsten when replacing a broken spoke and Anne for giving me a push while crossing streams in the borderland between Chile and Argentina.  I will probably see you soon, and soon again.

Mauricio and Richardo in Villa O´Higgins, for being so sweet. Attending every need and answering every question. Also a big thank you to Susan for clearing out the pros and cons about the dam project in Patagonia and Julie for helping me to whip the cream for the chocolate cake. Thanks to the rest of the dinner people for eating the cake and saying nice things about it.

All the cool cyclists and walkers on the Carretera Austral, Anne, Carsten, Marius, Jennifer, Sebastian, Matias, Ilaria, Arthur, Toribio, Adriana, Gianfranco, Mauro, Alex, Julie, Ken, Arlen, Jeannette, Michael and the rest. So wonderful to see so many of you on the same road. Suerte.

Alfredo, for letting us camp on your land by the General Carrera Lake. So peaceful and pretty.

Jorge and Laura, for inviting us in for a night in your Casa de las Ciclistas in Manihuales. I am always in awe of hospitality such as yours.

The welding man in Futaleufu, for welding my back rack together without charge.

Tom, Alan and Miguel, for great company during our bike lunches by the police station in  Cholila and the national park of Los Alcerces.

Marko and the firemen in El Hoyo, for letting us camp by the firestation while waiting out the forest fire further down the road. We were so pleased to have some rain the next day and hope that it was enough to put the entire fire out. Good luck with all your work.

Dan and Jisun, for seeing me once again in El Bolson. Except for picking cherries from the highest branches you were making a protective wall for falling kittens, making a great meal of lentils turned peas, giving me a filter for my tea and making me laugh as always.

Matthieu, Benjamin and Federico, for having me on my sudden visit in Buenos Aires. Thank you for the real champange, the tango night and my own bed. But most of all thank you for being fun and friendly. Also thanks to Diego, hopefully I will see you on my return to the city.

Baptiste, once again for sharing the road and so many other things with me. I hope that we will get the chance to share even more before the road ends.

Cem, for carrying a continuous smile while cycling with us. See you somewhere down south.

Albert, for your beautiful music and all the other beautiful things that you brought to our bike family in the lake region. I hope your knees feel better, but if not it will be easier for us to catch up.

Angela, Jason and Body, for having us over for a US christmas dinner. It was very tasty and you were very nice. See you on the road somewhere.

Harry and Ivana, for inviting us for olives, lemonade and bike stories in San Martin before you both had to go to the hospital to become parents. All the best to your new family and I hope to host the three of you in Sweden one day.

Maxi, for discounts and everything else at the hostel in San Martin de los Andes. Also to the Texans and Israelis for sharing the Swedish christmas dinner with us.

Vindrios, for giving me a ride to Junin de los Andes for some food shopping and to Pablo for giving me a ride back.

Patricio, for showing us the way to a sheltered campspot on the road from Zapala.

The family at the farm in La Negra, for opening the gate for us so that we could camp on your land. You gave us calmness from a struggling day of head wind.

Marilli and Martin, for joining us on the journey through Neuquen. We loved riding with you, camping with you, eating with you and doing everything else with you. I hope we get to do it all over again and drink some yougurt together somewhere south.

Julien and Hector, for your company at our bike lunch in the park in Bardas Blancas.

The man at the campground in Cañón del Atuel, for giving us the cold bottle of cider after a hot day in the sun.

Paula and José at the vineyard, for taking us in, showing us around and giving us something to drink after closing hours in Valle de Uco. Also thank you to Urban at the smaller vineyard a few hours before.

Mario at the gas station, for giving us a camping spot with toilets and wi-fi in Tunuyán.

Aron, Patricia, Brad, Leandro, Oscar, David, Ben, Alex, Ximena, Hans-Uve, Joan, Alex, Maulik, Jennifer and Roberto for being an amazing expedition group on Aconcagua, which I was so glad to be part of. I am so impressed by all of you.

Martin, Guillermo, Marco and Gabriel, for keeping us safe, content and excited in the extreme conditions on the mountain. You have been amazing and have all my admiration. Also a huge thank you to the crew who was supporting us and feeding us all the way; Lea, Camilla, Eugenia, Luz, Wally, Adrian, Rustico, Veronica, Jhonny, El Gato and all the rest.

Dan and Jisun, for meeting me in the rush in Mendoza. I was so happy to see you.

Alex, Nina and Jerome, for the great climbing company up mountain Penitentes. And thank you Mathias, Mathias and Ariel in Puente del Inca, for being lovely and lending me a backpack and map for the climb.

Eloterio, for letting me sleep for free at the second floor at the hotel in Portillo.

The fruitman in Los Andes, for giving me that bunch of bananas which gave me well needed energy up the mountains.

Gonzalo, for some company on the road from San Felipe and some pep talk for the road ahead over the Andes.

Chava, for bringing me in to your friendly and fun house in Valparaiso. You have showed me a great city mix with concerts, markets, cooking, boating, dancing and sandboarding. It has been amazing. Also to your friends Felipe, Paula, Camilo and Andrea.

Yan, for all your help with my broken camera lens, finally I can ride and shoot again.

Richard, for the beer and company in Antofagasta. I wish I could have stayed longer. All the best on your journey north, I am sure you will love it.

Corrina and Corrina, for heating up some water for a wash and letting me use your family kitchen in Paposo.

Laura and Erich, for teaming up with me through the south-west corner of Bolivia and probably the hardest and harshest section of the ride. It was so much better to have you there, being excellent bike-buddies that I will miss a lot. You might have a salty Swedish stalker behind you if I get too lonely eating my ice cream on my own.

Gonzalo, Felipe, Fernando and the rest of the Chilean motorbike-crew, for letting me stay in your room and for letting me stay in your company at Ojo de Perdiz

The generous people on the sandy and stony roads in Los Lipez, for refilling my supplies. Frank on the motorbike for fruit, a tourist in a jeep for water, the hotel staff for a bag of vegetables and all the rest for campspots, directions and thumbs-up.

Juan, for driving and dropping a food bag for me from Uyuni to Laguna Colorada.

Don Alfredo, for letting us stay in a warm room at Isla Incahuasi.

Pedro, Reynaldo and Jesus, for guiding me down the mine in Potosi and sharing your lives stories with me and my recording device.

Christian and Luiza, for your help and hospitality towards me and all the other cyclists at the Casa de las Ciclistas in La Paz. Your place is such a meaningful meeting point that I have had the joy of sharing with Sabine, Bernd, Evelyn, Martin, Caroline, Fanny, Gwendal, Sabine, Alexander, Leandro, Mariana, Bryce,  Alicia, Andoni and Maia.

Luis and Hervacin, for teaching me how to swing an ice axe and climbing with crampons before guiding me to the summit of Huayna Potosi at 6088 meters. Spectacular. Also thank you to my fellow climbers Laurent and Marina.

Noel, for the ride on the Death Road in Bolivia. It was a lot of fun sharing the road with you and most of all I am greatful that you shared your stories with us. Also thanks to the rest of the crew and cyclists.

Mr migration man, for giving me a three month visa for Bolivia.

Luis, for the city tour and for touring out of the city with me. Also for the bungy chords and bike tubes. I hope you and Flor come to Sweden one day.

Liz, for the photogenic and friendly walk around scenic Cuzco.

William, for taking me to the hot springs in Santa Teresa. Nice.

Arcadio, for showing me around your eco-farm and telling me about all the traditional plants and the quest of preserving them. Keep up the vital work.

Deva and your parents, for leaving me the package in Cuzco. It felt like such a present and especially with all the ginger and tea surprises.

Thomas, Nicolas, Aashiq, Sam, Meghan, Dan, Sabine, Bernd, Ernest, Shoham, AmitSylwia and Matthew for the bike chats on the Abancay-road, across a Limatambo-table, in a Cuzco-hostel and at the Pisac-plaza. It always make me happy to meet lovely cyclists such as you.

Mercedes, for letting me sleep with the corn and flour in your storage room in Matapuquito.

Romalo, Donato, Julia, Felix and Juan, for inviting me to your potato and salad picnic in the field. I loved it.

Anna, Angelica, Cesar and all the other wonderful locals, for all your smiles, encouragment and invitations that makes me feel welcome and happy to pass through your neighbourhood.

Lydia, for the potato-road-snack on the road to Uripa.

The doctor in Chontaca, for letting me sleep at the health care centre.

Sylvie and Luis, for road advice and bike talks over drinks in Ayacucho. I am really impressed by you Sylvie and I am really looking forward too seeing you again Luis.

Leona, Edgar, Jennifer and Juan Carlos for opening your door and taking me from the dark Secclla road in to your lovely farmers house with farmers meals and farmers hospitality.

Edvin, for letting me stay for the night in the empty stone house in Pucopampa.

Frances, for welding my back rack together for free in Izuchaca.

Cali and Angelique, for the wonderful music and all your enthusiasm. All the best on the roads of Peru for you both.

Señora Ruiz, Angelito and all the other celebrators in Huariaca, for a great village fiesta, dance moves in the streets and morning birthday cake.

René and Jenny, for the lovely lemonade and cycle-chat on the sidewalk on the way up to Cerro de Pasco.

Olga and your family, for taking me in for a warm meal and warm night before nightfall in Puquitambo. Thank you also for the take-away lemonbalm remedy.

Bryan and the boys, for protecting me against the aggressive dogs on the road by Huanzala.

Romain, for some lovely bike company and lovely camping pasta amongst glaciers and Raimondi trees.

Maximo and Juanita, for letting us stay and sleep in proper beds at the rangers office in the Huacarán national park.

Bruni, for letting me into your lodge which also has been my home in Peru. It has been a beautiful, restful time for me and I hope that you will get the same in your life.

Vilma, Angelica and Hilario, for feeding me with your delicious vegetable soups, huge sandwiches, tasty three-course-dinners and lovely Spanish conversations. Vilma, I especially enjoyed our friendship and wish the best for you and sweet Sheila.

Lucho, for taking us places and for making every taxi ride into a fun chat with a friend.

Boris, for all your kindness, helpfulness and wonderfulness. For pulling splinters out of my finger, reviving my computer and keeping me warm in so many ways. Hopefully I will see you again and get to know you better.

Jisun, for the pretty bracelet and for being so sweet and strong. I will remember how you kept walking during the days of exhaustion and kept laughing during the evenings of altitude sickness.

Dan, for joining our multi-national-hiking-family in the Huayhuash mountains and moving in with us in our house afterwards. I love it that you are both carefree and caring, you made an allready happy family even happier. More is more.

Deva, for being my best friend on this journey. With you, there is so much to be grateful for. I treasure all our time together at the mountain lodge, the time on the yoga mats, the time in the sauna, the time with laughter, the time in the kitchen, the time in trekking boots, the time in deep conversation and all the other times. I am so glad I spent them with you.

Elad, for telling me stories and for making me sing on the trail. You are such a special, special person and I truly hope that I will meet you and your superpowers again.

Mark and Carolina, for the map of Chile and the pisco sour, but most of all for being such beautiful company in the mountains.

Daniel, Selimo and Samuel, for guiding and feeding us through the Huayhuash mountain range. You made everything so easy and enjoyable for us.

Martine, for the tour of ancient civilizations in Peru, the visual one at the archeological ruins of Chavin, and the audio one about the traditional use of plants. Thank you Deva for taking me there,  to your holy place, guiding me through your modern day experiences.

The man who found my camera lens in the mountains, for bringing it back to me.

My fellow yoga students Andy, Sophie, Elad and Anna, for changing the daily routine at the lodge and creating a great healthy retreat with lots of balance in both poses and atmosphere. You are all very special, and that certainly also goes for our yoga guru Deva.

Tereza, Lucia and Barbora, for being the loveliest Czech girls in the mountains. You have been a joy and I am impressed by all of you.

The mountain-bike-guy in Huaraz, for giving me all that chain lube.

Diana, for the coffee, cake and tour of your  farm lodge. It was very inspiring and informative.

Kat and Angela, for all the stories and all the schampoo.

Dana, for your positive and charismatic presence at the lodge. I hope you will come back and that your plans will come true.

Ted, Victor, Will and Miguel for the mountain rescue at Churupita, you were so strong in heart, body and spirit. Thank you Kyle for surviving in the cold, dark night and thank you Emma for surviving the wait and worry with us by the fire place. I am so happy that we had a happy ending.

Rick, for being a great guest and great worker, doing the dishes on ordinary days and chopping the wood on International Women’s Day. I wish you all the best in life and love.

David, for all the days at the lodge and especially for the day trip to Laguna Llaca. It was such a fun ride thanks to you, Sheila, Tristan, Mercedes, Clara and Deva. I hope to see you somewhere down the road when the rainy season really is over.

Eydis and the Icelandics, for giving me your old rubber boots, they are perfect for my sunrise strolls and mountain viewing in the wet grass of the Peruvian Andes.

Chris, Budge, Darran, Eric, Berenice, Jade, Hannah, Ashley, Steven, Whitney, Elizabeth, Eline, Tim, Brigitta, Sarah, the De Lisles, Paulina, Lionel, Liz, Dick, Christophe, Charlie, Sarah, Chloe, Van, Josie, Luke and all the other super friendly guests at the mountain lodge. You have made working feel like nice surprise visits from new friends.

Lourdes and Ricardo, for giving a soaked hiker a ride in the rain to Huaraz.

Baptiste and Matt, for being the best bike companions in Peru. I am longing to share some more roads with you further south.

Lauren, for giving me all that wi-fi-time in Caraz.

The people in Yungaypampa, for letting us sleep in your town house and share that nice village atmosphere with you.

The policemen in Yuracmarca, for the bananas and the campspot next to the station.

The women in Tanguche, for refilling our water bottles with a smile and giving us some tasty Chicha Blanca in the morning heat.

Lucho, Ariceli, Angela and Lance, for such a friendly experience at your legendary Casa de las Ciclistas in Trujillo. The house was a haven and the stay really prepared me and the bike for the next stretch. Thank you also to the wonderful cyclists there, Sam, Ben, Sven, Mike, Max, Christine and the band. All the luck on the road.

Dominga and Mirjam, for letting me into your home, where I could heat up with a nice meal, all those cups of tea and many blankets in the bed. Such a warm place.

Jhon and the miners at Shorey, for giving me some space under your roof to fix up my breaks and a bucket of water to clean up my muddy bike.

Lucia and Nicolai,  for letting me stay for many days with great veggie food, bike rides, pots of tea, hot springs, birthday dinner, fruit shopping and great, great company in Los Baños del Inca. Danielle and Charlie, you have been lovely too.

José Luis, Brenda, Angelica and Josue, for a homey stay in Pacasmayo and for talking me into staying and eating for another day.

Andres, for the map of Chile and the chat in the desert.

To the mango-man and apple-man, that stopped and gave me fruit on the Peruvian beach road.

Efraim and Monica, for taking me in as a pilgrim in your hospitality house at Limón Playa.

Gloria, for giving me shelter for the night before reaching Chaguarpamba. I am very grateful.

Gabriel, for the music, for the bread and for being lovely. Also to Ben, the two of you were sweet company and I wish you all the best on your journeys.

Laura and Wouter again, for a lovely New Years and for making the first days of 2011 very welcoming, relaxing and beautiful in your Vilcabamba house.

Rosa, Louisa and Jorge for inviting me into your home at dusk in Yunganza. The stars were so bright and the hospitality so warm.

Gloria, Sonja and Hernandez, for the dry campspot and proper biker meals in Sinai.  So nice.

Jonas, for taking me to Santa Rosa and telling me about your struggle against the contamination of your beautiful rainforest. I hope we all realize that the clean water, earth and air are more valuable then pure gold and crude oil.

Guillermo, for a morning with breakfast, friendliness and hummingbirds. It was a very nice welcome to the Oriente.

Santiago and la familia, for being my home in Tumbaco. Your open doors and open arms is like a haven on the road for me and other cyclists. It means so much and I am so grateful.

Joaquin, for guiding us safely and patiently on Cotopaxi. I did not need to reach the top to get top-views or have a top-time.

Liesbeth, Naomi and Mirjam, for simply cycling solo. It gives me strenght to be in contact with other women who are exploring the world on two wheels, even if we are told that our world is too dangerous for us.

Michael, for a nice dinner in Tumbaco. I never wanted to stop talking with you and I hope we get a chance to continue our conversation in the future. Keep on riding, keep up the none-hiding. You are strong.

Luis, Margarita, Martin and Gabriel, for a friendly family stay in Quito. You are all very lovely people and I do hope that you will return to Sweden one day so we can drink some glögg at my place.

Esteban and Enrique, for showing me the wonders of the Galapagos islands. Especially Enrique, since you are quite wonderful as well. I am also greatful to the rest of the crew on the boats and my fabulous fellow passengers Ellie, Andy, Jonna and all the rest.

Mika, for a great temascal experience in Ecuador and for the fresh mentha that makes my tent smell like a fresh herbal garden.

Laura and Wouter, for great company and conversations in the heat of the desert in Tatacoa as well as by a burning barbeque fire and steaming sweat lodge in Peguche.

Baptiste, for a beautiful Colombian ride through the desert and over the mountains. I am really glad that I shared the road with you and I am looking forward to our paths crossing again. Missing you until then.

Yolanda, Luis, Ligia and Erika, for a nice stay in Sibundoy, filled with good food, music and warmth.

Nancy, Miguel, Aura and Jalee, for making the dance floor in Mocoa into a camp ground with twinkling lights. Shelter from the rain and a family dinner was exacly what I needed. Que chevre.

Igel and Paola, for keeping your farm house, bread oven, beer fridge and cyclist arms open for us in San Augustin. You are an inspiration. I wish for all the cyclist trees to grow as big as your hospitality. Thank you also to Miguel Angel, Christian, Nat and Tyson for a great cycling get-together.

Carlos-Julio and your fellow bomberos in Calarcá, for a safe and dry night at the firestation. Also a big thank you to the Colombian fire fighters in Purificacíon, Gigante, Timaná and Pasto.

Sebastian, Andrés, Luzmilla, Mario and the family, for a nice stay in Manizales with a warm and welcoming feel. Also really appreciated the city-tours, sunsets and cycle-stuff.

Marta, Carlos, Hector, Gilberto and all the other Colombian super cyclists who has made part of the ride more fun and friendly. It makes me happy to see so many bikes on the road.

Samantha, for bringing some style and taste into my life, with fabulous food, hilarious dinner stories and the best company to come with a meal. I will miss you everytime I eat, which means that I will miss you a lot. Also thank you to Ryan, you have both been great and generous.

Jhon and the other soldiers, for a safe, warm and friendly stay at the mountain pass army camp.

Jenny, for giving me a cup of coffe to break up a long climb, it was a sweet interruption and so were you.

Carlos and Laura, for a terrific stay at the beach house at San Antero. You were so nice and the place was so nice. Best of luck with all the work for our environment.

Steve, for all the computer support in Cartagena.

Eva and Trevor, for giving my tent and sleeping gear a ride over the hills to Carti and for being excellent company while sailing the gap to South America. Thank you to all of you sweet people during the crossing.

Gert, for a really lovely stay with you in Panama City and for trusting me enough for letting me be home alone during the weekend.

Ana, for all the help at the Swedish consulate in Panama City.

Julie, Sandy, Ron and Françoise, for leaving the door open and treating me with the perfect breakfast in the mountains of Panama. I really enjoyed my morning with you.

Irma, Carlos, Ligia, Alejandra, William, Eugenia and Mauricio, for the warmest welcome in San José at a time when I needed a family.

Marisa at the consulate, for the swift service in getting me a pink passport.

Antonio, for stopping when I was being robbed. Clayton, for taking me in to a safe home afterward. Juliet and Michael, for your continuous support. You all gave me  security and solutions, without it I would not have know what to do.

Cindy, for hooking me up with Karen. And Karen for hooking me into the environmental situation in the still beautiful area of Monteverde.

Blanca Nieve, for letting me stay with you and your family in the cloudy and friendly mountains of Costa Rica.

John, for inviting me with the best of smiles to your sweet surfer place in Playa del Gigante. Also big thanks to your family and fabulous crew as well as Nena the bodyguard and all the storyteller surfers.

Oswaldo, for having me in Leon. I really enjoyed your company and the concerts.

Carlos, Fransisco and Mathilde, for playing that pretty music for me in Perquin. I loved it.

Marlene and Padre Vicente, for a safe and sweet stay with flowery scent at the catholic church in San Augustin.

Anthony, and the evangelical church in Metalo, for transforming your office into an excellent bedroom for a tired cyclist.

Ricardo, for letting me camp at the macadamia farm, it was such a peaceful and pretty place and the shower was superb.

Laine and Miro, for your limitless hospitality. Even if I have been eager to get back on the road, I was never eager to leave your home. I found so much inspiration, joy and openness in there and I am sure that you will bring that with you around the world on your road of life.

Charly, for the map of the continent and the Argentinean Spanish  practice with bicycle stories.

Jamie, for advice for the road and for being a source of inspiration once again, the first time by a campfire in Swaziland a few years ago and the second time in a surf shop in Guatemala a few days ago. Looking forward to watching your peace-pedaling on the television screen in the future.

Ingeborg, for giving my new hard-drive a life. Without you my computer would be blank and my memory from Antigua would not be filled with all the lovely Swedish-Norwegian chats at cafes, markets and living rooms. You also make the best smoothies, mango, banana, papaya, wow.

Tony,  for doing everything you could to save the life of my computer hard-drive in Panajachel, spending many hours fighting the virus purely out of kindness.

Antonio, for being my teacher of so many wonderful things such as Spanish, society and solidarity. I treasure all of our conversations.

Huck, Eva, Luke, Loretta, Nicholas, Dolores, Antonio, Amanda, Johanna, José, Maria, Pablo, Dora, Gabe, Kayleena, Maria, Juan, Natascha and all the other pretty people of San Pedro de Laguna, for making the lake of Atitlan an even more magic place.

Trey, for your kindness and knowledge in San Pedro. I will remember you when I will be back on the road with my smooth gears and tightened spokes.

Eric and Lisa again, for setting me up with a saddle without duct tape, new zip-lock bags, Central American guidebook and the spot-device. You have both been so generous and I hope that you will receive all that you need at home. I will miss you.

Nancy and Matthew, for an excellent stay in your lakeside home, which was filled with care and creativity. I am looking forward to taking the boat across to Panajachel to see you again.

Claudia, for the friendly breakfast in El Quiche. I really hope you will come and visit at the lake where the breakfast will be on me.

Josue, for your charming company in Lanquin and for the new music company. I love cycling with Missy, Mána and Muse.

Gabriel, for a friendly and lovely piece of land for me and my tent in Chaluc. Your village was indeed a special place.

Mawin, for the El Paraiso campspot in the restaurant. Such a treat to be next to the waterfall in the morning.

Lisa and Eric, for a great ride from the Blue Hole in Belize to the swimming pond in Poptun. I´ll be your buddy anytime, diving or cycling. Looking forward to see the OK-sign from you again on the roads of America.

Cathrine and Amador, for taking us in for the night in San Ignacio. Loved the veggies on a stick and the tunes from the piano.

Daniel, for inviting us into the Belizian jungle. Your ambitions, art and atmosphere was so inspiring. Good luck with your life and projects next to the river.

Philip, for some great pedaling company towards Belize city, I wish you the best of luck on all the country bike races to come.

Melisa, Jad and Najib, for a great stay at your Mexican-Lebanese household in Chetumal. I put the place on my infinite love-list rather then the top ten hate-list.

Kalimba, for all your energy in Palenque. Hunak Kuu.

Salvador and the migration police, for a safe and sound night behind the office in Catazajá.

Oralia, Danitza and Evelin in La Venta, for inviting me in to the friendly family life in your home.

Victor, for the generous tour along the lagoon of Catemaco.

Karin and Marten, for all the fun on and off the bikes. Happy cycling in the license-plate-land of Oaxaca and Chiapas until our paths hopefully cross again.

Armando, for sharing your Cholula with us. I hope you get to cycle beyond the mountains and explore this beautiful country.

Victor and Marcy, for inviting us in to your oasis in Tepotzlán for the night and for the greatest mexican bread in the morning.

Tania, for a great welcome to your city, excellent Cuernavaca company and the best of all garden breakfasts. I hope you continue to learn about the universe in your literature and life.

Yvan and the cycling pilgrims, for taking me with you on an unforgettable ride to Mexico City.

Ricardo, for welcoming me to Morelia and letting me marvel at its beauty from the streets as well as from your rooftop terrace.

José, for great cycling company and for a night in the warehouse with all that wonderful Tonalá art.

David and the Chávez family, for making rainy days warm with generousity. You have given a cylist everything she could possibly want. I am leaving dry, clean and well rested on a fully maintened bike, feeling lucky for meeting such a lovely family and a part of the inspiring cycling community in Guadalajara

Raul, for the best pizza, best beer and best conversations in Guadalajara. Best of luck to your sustainability plan for the city and stability plan for yourself.

Edgar, for the mexican friendliness when helping me out with the mail at Avenida López Mateos.

Captain Mark, Clint and Robin, for taking me and my bike across the sea. I hope to see you again on this beautiful coast of America and may the wind always be with you.

Domingo, Veronica, Mirou and Dasha, for making Topolabampo such a friendly place, letting us experience the revolutionary town of La Fuerte and the reform lifestyle on a sailboat.

Niurka and Mikael, for sharing your wonderful hideaway-home and views of the world with me in La Paz.

Sergio and Sergio, for the tire excursion to La Paz that made it possible to leave Santiago with a complete bicycle. Mucho gusto.

Mike, for one month of companionship. I hope you have plenty more adventures ahead, even if ours ended at a street in San José del Cabo.

Daniel, for the Cabo San Lucas experience, you made it a great one. I will keep my twelve new years wishes in my purse and also wish to see you again for a Durango dance. Paulina and Vania, that goes for you too.

Donna, for the road rescue and for a night on the roof in Todos Santos. I am sure the karma will come back to you.

Roberta, for two great nights in Juncalito with very memorable dinners and conversations. You are a baking angel.

Chuck and Colleen, for the ride back from Loreto. I wish you a lovely season on the peninsula.

Mickey, for sharing the holidays with us on the prettiest of islands and also for putting that christmas gift outside of my tent. I hope to see you again for a new years celebration.

Sebastian and Bernt, for all the christmas nutrition at Isla Coronado when replacing my lost grocery bag with yours. It was a treat.

Marion and Andi, for all the inspiration and information. In swedish we call people like you “Hel-ylle”, meaning that you are a 100 % wool, good and proper all the way through. All the best cycling north.

Bill, for a lovely stay in Mulege with good laughs and warm hospitality.

Patricia, for the best shower in El Socorrito.

Chuey and Ino, for sheltering us from the storm while treating us with a tasty and terrific day at your bakery and a warm night at your house.

Patricia and Patricia, for a lovely evening with brownies. Remember that it is never to late to start cycling.

The Salazar family, for such a sweet stay, limitless hospitality and beautiful tiles in the bathroom.

Pedro, for giving us a ride after a day of winetasting in Valle de Guadelupe.

Alisha and Meaghan, for excellent pedaling company on the Baja roads. Happy cycling sisters.

Rob, for a sweet breakfast with a spectacular view at La Fonda. Also fun to bump into you again.

Larry, for inviting us in to your home with the terrace sunset. I hope you get to live your Mexican dreams.

Andres, Thaddeus as well as all the other couchsurfers and cool people, for a grand Tijuana party and fun introduction to Mexico.

Rodolfo and your family, for a tasty thanksgiving in sweet surroundings. So much food and so much friendliness. And thank you for having us a second night.

Daniel, for the stay at your San-Diego-sofa.  And especially for all the inspiration from an admirable person such as you, who is willing to take personal risks for the greater good.

Deanne, for sharing wonderful Venice with me. I loved the beach and I most certainly loved the bread.

Nick, for a nice stay at the beach house, super tasty pasta, fun football and your beautiful company.

Randy, for solving my pump-problems in Kirk Creek and for inviting us in for a fun night in Pismo beach.

Larry, and all the other sweet cyclists and surfers who has been chatting and cheering me on along the ride in central California.

Chuck, for a warm and welcoming stay for the night in Los Gatos.

Jenny, for sharing your google-world with me. I like your approach of treating everyone you meet as friends, you made me feel like one.

Angela, for the stay in sunny Sunnyvale. It was great to see you again in Mountain view,  which takes me back to the mountain views we shared on Kilimanjaro.

Mary, for letting me stay, experience San Francisco and wear your wiking helmet. This city has been a treat and so has your hospitality.

Shane, Jason and Tanja for the night in the garden, great dinner with good company and for introducing me to the art of carving Halloween pumpkins.

The team of Ride350, for a journey through your charming, committed and climate-change-aware piece of America. I admire you all.

Dave, for inviting me in for a wonderful time and fun conversations at Redmond road.

Sara, for taking me to the market, taking me out dancing and taking me in to your home.

Addie, Anna and Hank/Frank, for lovely company and curry dinner at midnight.

John, for the divine sweat-lodge-experience.

Bonnie and Ed, for all the grand meals a biker can eat, a restful night with a lazy morning and the fabulous company of you two.

Regina, for sharing the camping ground and experience of cycling solo. Hope to share some more along the California roads.

David, for a lovely stay at your house with luxury treats for a simple camper, with dinners by the fireplace and jacuzzi baths with panoramic views of Coos Bay.  Your generousity and our conversations was a delight.

Buffy and your family for a night at the play house and the healty, home-grown dinner.

Saul, for a wonderful stay in biker friendly Portland with cross-cycling and bike-and-beer-events.

Pam and Dick for inviting me in and for interesting conversations. Especially Pam, for your generosity and the banana-peanutbutter-cinnamon-sandwich-experience.

Karmen, for a great stay in your welcoming home and soothing garden. My bicycle legs loved the yoga and the stroll around the pretty place of Port Townsend.

James, for the inspiring tour and thoughts in the eco-village. I had a lovely time and wish you all the best when living your values.

Hillary, for welcoming me to Anacortes and a friendly house. To Seth, for all the help and hospitality, tasty chili and dry shoes. To you and Jeff, thank you for the music.

The lovely man in Ferndale who gave me all those tasty plums from your tree.

Danny, for taking me to Vancouver and taking care of me in the sweet area of commercial drive. Hope to see you  passing by on that fast bike of yours in spring.

Maarten, for dinner and kindness in your new city. I hope Vancouver will give you a wonderful time.

Matt, for the salmon and puppy-snatcher-songs.

Saskia, for lending me your good friends. There will always be some space in my tent for them and offcourse for you.