I am a long-distance cyclist who steers my handlebars towards encounters and experiences beyond the horizon. My passion for traveling has previously expanded during years of international backpacking, months of field studies abroad, weeks of walking through foreign land and days of climbing in mountain regions. As a journalist, some of these journeys have been written down, recorded or photographed. This journey  has been documented in text and photos here at the web page and in audio for the Swedish Radio during 2009-2012. My book, about it all, was released in 2018 for Swedish readers.

The cycling expedition started as a small thought that grew into a long journey, which eventually was pedaled to life. It started by the coastline in North America and finished by the southern point of South America. I passed 16 countries with a continuously changing terrain and an ever engaging environment. The forests, beaches, mountains, oceans, deserts, lakes and jungles of America have shown me several different aspects of nature. To bike through these landscapes has been breathtaking in many ways.

It is a valuable achievement to carry through an adventure from start to finish, but it is all the welcoming people and wonderful places in between that have kept me in the bike seat. When the road ended I continued to venture south, on a boat to Antarctica. That was the grand end of my journey. Afterwards it was time to return north, to Sweden, where I am steering my handlebars towards encounters and experiences within its borders.