I am a second generation Gotlander who recently settled down on the island. The family farm, which is now my home, is also part of a personal story that I wish to continue. I also want to create stories in my professional life and as a photographer I use the sequences and expressions of still images. Specializing in wedding and child photography provides the possibility to capture stories from vital moments in life.

My storytelling has taken different turns in my life. I started with taking studio shots of my teenage friends and moved on to thesis writing in Mozambique and documentary filming in Eritrea. I studied journalism in Småland, worked as a radio reporter in Stockholm and blogged about my long distance bike ride in America. I was once employed as a photographer on the mainland and I am now freelancing on the island.

I am a storyteller and my best stories are told with a camera.

Photographer Hanna Mi Jakobson Photographer