This it what the media has written about me, my journey and the book. And also things I have written about it.

Kulturmagasinet Opulens, 25 January, 2019 Portrait: “Long distance cykling is part of the solution”

An author portrait by writer Vladan Lausevic about climate friendly lessons från America. The article is about bike movements, climate solutions and nature inspiration, mixed together with my own environmental sins. And as the caption reads, I talk and dream about biketouring.


Göteborgs-Posten, 18 January 2019 Hanna puts focus on the climate in the book about her long bicycle journey

An interview by journalist Lisa Henricson about how I started to commute by bike to school in Stenungsund, did my first trip by bike från Paris to Gothenburg and eventually went bike touring through the Americas. During the long distance journey I was mentally hit by climate change and environmental destruction but also by continents trying to do something about it all.


Tidningen Syre, 23 November 2018 America in the eyes of many

Review of my new book “Ekomerika”, about the experiences from the road and encounters with people. Reviewer Malin Bergendahl writes: “The conversations are pieces in a mulitdimensional puzzle. There are many things for further thougts, but it is hard to part ways från “Ekomerika” when Hanna leaves us at South Americas most southern point.” and she sums it up by writing: “All in all, it is about 400 pages of inspiration.”


Gotlands Allehanda, 11 November 2018 Hanna Mi takes her bike through life

An at home interview with the local newspaper, with journalist Anna Ekeroth and photographer Henrik Radhe. I am a new parent and a new author, talking about biking the Americas and writing a book about it, but also my thoughts on climate and trying to apply it in my daily life. “Now that I have a child it feels more difficult, but also more important to live sustainably”.


P4 Hultling och Röör, 30 November 2013 The pros and cons of traveling

I am one of the guests that are sharing our perspectives on tourism. The radio show becomes a two hour forum for ethical, historical and future thoughts for tourists. I am talking about bicycle touring as a sustainable  and super-sweet way to travel.

P3 Planet, 4 January 2013 Last P3 Planet show and a tribute to traveling

The last episode ever of the travel show P3 Planet, which I have delivered travel tales to since 2005. This one features an interview with me and other correspondents looking back at those past years in different parts of the world. A last tribute to traveling for listening and downloading.

Best of P3, 1 January 2013 She biked 3 000 kilometers in Patagonia

The new year chronicle of the Swedish radio channel P3, looking back at the best radio moments of 2012. I proudly present one of my reports from Patagonia as part of this first show of the year in 2013. Listen to this 4 hour show by clicking on the green button that says Lyssna on the right upper corner.


P3 Planet, 27 October 2012 Polar tourism in Antarctica

A journey with pinguins and tourists in Antarctica. This landcsape of ice is an enormous natural reserve with an enormous importance for the climate. Is polar tourism a way to learn about meltinc ice caps or is it simply a way to make them melt even faster?k


P3 Planet, 22 September 2012 The end of the road

Looking back at 30 000 kilometers on the road, from the finnish line in the southern city of Ushuaia in Argentina. This is a small tribute to bicycle touring, together with some bike buddies on a café at the end of the road. These minutes are broadcasted on-line and the entire program is available for download.


P3 Planet, 22 September 2012 Wine touring in Valle de Uco

An audio tour in the Argentinean wine region Valle de Uco. Tasting wine with different flavors from  nail polish remover to really, really tasty vino tinto. Listen on-line or download the travel show in Swedish.


P3 Planet, 23 June 2012 Camping in Patagonia

A radio journey between campspots in Patagonia, traveling with my tent from the merciless winds of Argentina to a devastating forest fire in Chile. This report is somewhat of a camping guide in both ideal and extreme travel conditions.

Hanna Mi Jakobson

Göteborgs Posten, 23 April 2012 Hanna did a really long bike ride

Newspaper article and interview upon my Swedish homecoming, looking back at 30 000 kilometers of cycling memories.  “She traveled through 16 countries with deserts, rainforests and glaciers. Hanna Mi Jakobson is back in Stenungsund after two and a half years in a bike seat”.


P3 Planet, 10 March 2012 Climbing Aconcagua

A climb on the highest mountain in the Americas in extreme conditions. This is an audio journey that contains expectation and doubt, success and failure, joy and disappointment, with the mountain as a metaphor for life. Download as a podcast or listen on-line in Swedish.


Bicycle Traveler, January 2012 Californian beauty

One of my blog posts from California is published in the international bicycle touring magazine. This second pdf-edition of the magazine may be downloaded for free on-line.


P3 Planet, 28 January 2012 Safari and selfishness in Chile

My fifth and last report from the nature in Chile, this time also about the nature of greed. I join a tourist-packed safari tour on the sea, even if I would rather have all the penguins and dolphines all to myself. Download this Swedish spoken broadcast as a pod-cast or listen on-line.


P3 Planet, 14 January 2012 Sandsurfing in Chile

In the diverse nature of Chile you can bring a board to ride on snow, sea and sand. I rent a board and hike up one of the pretty sand dunes to try out sandboarding with the locals. This report is full of fun and part of a travel show, which is broadcasted on saturdays and available on the web all days of the week.


P3 Planet, 14 January 2012 The best beaches of Chile

A top-5- list of the best beaches in northern Chile, which you can enjoy in solitude during low season. Discover these nature beauties of the Pacific coast by listening to the Saturday broadcast. It is also available  online and possible to download .


P3 Planet, 19 November 2011 Beyond the existence of earth

Two different reports from the outback of Chile. One during daytime at the armageddon-like geyser field of El Tatio. One during night time, when I am looking up at the universe from the dryest and clearest desert in the world.


P3 Planet, 15 Ocktober 2011 Cycling the salt desert

Salar de Uyuni is the place I have been fantazising about the most, before turning this journey into reality. When I am finally pedaling out into the great, white unknown of the salt desert, it feels more like a fantasy then reality. Listen to the sounds of this surreal landscape on saturday at 18:03 or track me on-line in the archive.


P3 Planet, 8 October 2011 The silver mine in Potosi – claustrophobic and colonial

A journey into the Bolivian silver mine in Potosi and a journey back in time. This is where the tourists meet the miners, in a dark place which has not changed much since colonial time. Listen on-line or download .


P3 Planet, 27 August 2011 Downhill on the death-road

I am going downhill on the death-road, the most dangerous road in the world, wondering if the adrenaline is worth the risk. The sound of this bolivian bike-ride is found in the broadcast and podcast archives at the national Swedish radio.


P3 Planet, 13 August 2011 Machu Picchu - Off the beaten track

My radio-road-trip on bike and on foot to Machu Picchu. Several tourist tracks lead to the popular Inca ruins of Peru, but I am going my own way. You can join me in the saturday evening broadcast or follow online for post-listening or download.


Morgonpasset i P3, 4 August 2011 The adventurer of the day

The morning show on Swedish radio lists a serie of different adventurers who are exploring everything from the top of Everest to the bottom of the sea or simply the unknown mess in their shed. Today it is my turn to be interviewed about my Pan-American cycling adventure.


P3 Planet, 21 May 2011 Plants in Peru – Magical medicine or dangerous drugs?

The San Pedro cactus and the Ayahuasca-mix are popular ingredients for travelers in Peru and they can lead you into other dimensions or into dangerous situations. Listen to the man who leads traditional ceremonies for tourists and the woman who came to Peru to learn from them.


P3 Planet, 23 April 2011 The tourists and the animals at the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are sacred and a place which resembles what our planet would look like without humans here. These islands, with their pristine nature and unique wildlife might not be a place where we should go. This is an audio story about the tourism influence on the islands where we meet an excited tourist, a skeptical guide, amazing animals and my bad conscience.


P3 Planet, 29 January 2011 Cocaine tourism in Colombia

My radio reportage about the drug that generates both violence and tourism in Colombia. Interviews with tourists about what role they play in the cocaine trade. The entire episode of P3 Planet is also available in the web archive and as a podcast.


P3 Planet, 20 November 2010 Unemployment or a one dollar job in Guatemala

The travel show P3 Planet explores the luxury vs the low-budget of travelling. In my radio reportage you will meet a young Swede who left the unemployed life at home to work in a Guatemalan café for a dollar an hour. Listen in Swedish on-line or as a podcast.


Go bicycle touring, 8 November 2010 Hanna cycles the Americas

An on-line guide to the webs best bicycle touring blogs has put my site on their list. “The appeal of this website is its elegant simplicity, stunning photos and Hanna’s unique way of viewing the world.”


P3 Planet, 23 October 2010 Eco-turism in Costa Rica

This episod of the travel show on Swedish Radio is discussing responsible and sustainable tourism, with my rainforest reportage from Costa Rica about the contradiction of eco-tourism. The broadcast is available as a podcast after broadcast.


P3 Planet, 18 September 2010Voting on the road

Join me at the Swedish consulate in Panama City where I do my democratic duty by voting in our election.  The  radio  show for travelers is aired on Saturdays and Sundays. May also be downloaded.


P3 Planet, 28 August 2010 Guided by the guerrilla

A radio tour of the previous civil war in El Salvador with a former guerrilla soldier as my tourist guide. I also meet a survivor of the El Mozote massacre while wondering about the ethics of creating a tourist attraction out of a national and personal tragedy. Is this distasteful war tourism or  beneficial peace tourism? The travel show is aired on Saturday between 6 pm and 8 pm Swedish time. May also be downloaded.


Expressen, 28 July 2010 Hanna discovers America on two wheels

Evening newspaper article about my pedaling adventure in America and a fellow countryman’s  bike expedition in Europe.  “Hanna MI Jakobson, 31, have cycled a thousand (Swedish) miles and will probably cycle another thousand”.


Raising Miro Podcast, 15 July 2010 Following your passion and leaving your mark on the world

I am being interviewed about my nomadic bicycle  adventures on a podcast episode, which discusses issues of green travel and cultural interaction. This is a  single mom’s travel podcast, where Lainie Liberti and her son Miro are chronicling their nomadic adventures together. Read the blog or listen to the podcast at their website.


P3 Planet, 10 July 2010 Buying a new language

My contribution to the combined sounds of a tourist-spending-spree, in the Swedish travel show P3 Planet, where I am spending my money on Spanish. Listen online or download the show as a podcast.


P3 Planet, 26 June 2010 From traveler to volunteer

After the storm of Agatha travelers in Guatemala are joining in on the local solidarity, raising money for the affected families or digging out the landslide from their houses.  I am interviewing some of those who are volunteering, others are complaining about the damage of their holiday. Listen or download the show in Swedish.


P3 Planet, 5 June 2010 Volcano eruption in Guatemala

Double disasters in Guatemala after storms and eruptions. P3 Planet broadcasts a tourist perspective on the volcano eruption of Pacaya, previously a place where tourists would grill marshmallows over the lava crater. Today it is one of the reasons for the state of emergency in the country. Listen to the broadcast on the web or download for mp3.


The Examiner, 17 May 2010 Swedish cyclist discovers the Americas on bicycle

Me as the interviewee in a series of articles about touring cyclists across the world. I answer questions that begins with Why and How. The column also contains photographs in a slideshow, which might provide better answers  then my words.


P3 Planet, 13 March 2010 Hitchhiking across the Mexican waters

The bike and I search for a sailing boat to cross the Sea of Cortez. Web-radio listenings of this radio episode is available in Swedish for one month after broadcasting or available for download.


P3 Planet, 21 December 2009 On a bike in Baja California with christmas eve as a deadline

A search for the ultimate christmas hang-out on the Mexican peninsula for P3 Planet. Web-radio listenings of the two hour travelshow available in Swedish for one month after broadcasting and is also possible to download.


P3 Planet, 26 October, 2, 9 and  16 November 2009 Biketouring from Canada in the north to Mexico in the south

Cycling chronicles for the national Swedish radio, in four different broadcasts from the United States. Download in Swedish is available and sorted by date of broadcast.


Current Green, 21 October 2009 350. Will This climate event save the world?

Adam Taylor, the person behind Ride350 is in the studio before embarking on the climate-change-awareness-ride from Arcata to San Francisco. Also contains an interview with  Bill McKibben who is the founder of the 350-movement.


Channel 3 Eureka, 19 October 2009 Residents riding the distance, spreading awareness on global warming

Local news are documenting our departure of Ride350 in Eureka, a few miles from the starting point of Arcata.


SF Gate, 24 October 2009 Activists in S.F. Rally against climate change

The San Francisco based newspaper with an article concerning the different 350-actions and an excellent photograph of the rally in the Californian city upon our arrival.