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Reaching the ocean is almost like coming home. The thin geographical body of Chile is crossed in three days, from the borderline to the East to the coastline in the West. I see the mountains on the first day, I see the desert on the second day and I see the ocean on the third day. After several months at altitude I descend to sea level where I can breathe like normal. Things are more familiar and comfortable here, which remind me of Sweden.There are queue tickets at the pharmacies,  toilet paper in the bathrooms and brown bread in the bakeries. These tiny details and the grand ocean has a sense of home to me.

I have not seen my country in two years and I miss it twice as much as before. I have continuously missed my family and friends, but all the lovely people along the way have made it bearable. I miss my language more and more, but I fill the void with Swedish audio-books and radio pod-casts while riding. After these years with American ground underneath my wheels, I have also started to miss the land itself. I miss the smooth cliffs on the west coast, the swimming areas on the east coast and the shoreline of the islands. I miss those Swedish spots by the sea the most.

When I started this journey in North America I had the Pacific Ocean by my side and it feels reassuring to reunite again. It is not the same as Swedish waters, but the sound, the smell and the sight of the sea is so similar. The coastal roads of Chile are giving me new experiences of the ocean. I watch the sealions at the harbor in the city of Antofagasta, I camp on the beach in the national park of Pan de Azucar and I swim in the bay at the tourist town of Bahia Inglesia. I love all these moments by the Chilean coast, even if I also long for my land beyond the sea horizon.




  1. tony Saturday, October 8, 2011, at 5:09 PM

    hi hanna keep going i think its amazing what you have done on youre biycle,am sorry to read about youre expeirence in costa rica.youre photos look great just keep thoses rocks handy incase of unwanted male safe and take care tony from uk.

  2. Hanna Sunday, October 9, 2011, at 7:55 PM

    Cheers Tony, I am also sorry about what happened in Costa Rica, but very glad about everything and everyone else that I have encountered during this journey. Chile is no exception and has so far been all about pretty places and people.

    Thanks for visiting

  3. Sofie Monday, October 24, 2011, at 2:00 PM

    Ja jeflar, du fortsätter att imponera på mig Hanna och jag hoppas att du får en grande finale när du når din slutdestination och att du sedan sätter dig på första bästa plan hem och ställer till med en brakfest.

    Jag vet inte hur många personer som jag har berättat för om dig och dina äventyr. Alla har tappat hakan.

    Kram på dig!

  4. hanna Tuesday, October 25, 2011, at 10:42 AM

    Hej och tack Sofie, jag ser fram emot svensk brakfest men tills dess nöjer jag mig med att ha hittat både knäckebröd och rabarber-te som smakar som hemma. Annars smakar Chile väldigt bra också.

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