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My visa for Peru is expired. It is more than 500 kilometers to the border and it stresses me out to know that I am no longer supposed to be in the country. The road feels like a long transit and I pedal with eager speed. When things do not flow, I get tired of it all. My patience is absent. I am annoyed when I have to wait a minute due to roadwork that actually leaves space for a bicycle or when I have to wait one morning for the hostel staff who locked in my bike without having a key. I am annoyed when there is not sufficient nutrition or energy, as the only vegetarian food served is potatoes that sometimes are stuffed with beef without warning. I mainly hear noise, I mainly smell stench and I mainly notice idiots. I am annoyed at most things and minor things.

Since my stay in the tourist zone around Cuzco, I have become too comfortable. I seemingly assume that foreign places should be designed according to my needs. It is embarrassing really. I am actually the one who should adjust to the country in which I am travelling, and not the other way around. Especially considering that I am not even allowed to be in Peru anymore. Here, my perception of time is rigid and my type of diet ridiculous, so I should rather plan for some delay during my cycling day and cook my own evening meal on my camper stove if necessary. Simply stop being small-minded.

When I finally reach the border I only need to pay a fine of a few dollars for my eight illegal days. The migration officers are friendly, we eat some chocolate together and I remember how much I love the sociable and spontaneous manner of Peru. That it is more pleasant than my Swedish punctuality, efficiency and caution. Sometimes I am searching for shortcomings in someone or something before leaving, as it makes it a bit easier to part. You have actually been beautiful Peru, and I do not regret staying with you for 188 days. Even if I had to pay a fine for it.



  1. jessica Tuesday, July 19, 2011, at 4:41 AM

    You are beautiful, Hanna.

  2. hanna Tuesday, July 19, 2011, at 11:58 AM

    Jessica, you are the sweetest for writing so when I am showing an ugly side. ♥

  3. Deva Munay Thursday, July 21, 2011, at 12:28 PM

    ai lovely!! I could have told you it was only a $1 a day!! I overstayed my visa too and 197 days in Peru was not nearly enough. I miss you and that wild country! oxoxo

  4. hanna Monday, July 25, 2011, at 2:55 PM

    Yes Deva, I knew about the dollar-deal, but you never know with border crossings. But off course everyone were sweet. Like Peru. Like you.

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