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The weather seems to turn and I walk out into the mountains on a ten-day-trekking-circuit, with an eight-man-team, over 5000-meter passes. The sun is sometimes covered by the remains of the rainy season and it hides behind a snowy sky at a mountain pass and the rain fall in the valleys. Even if the cold grabs me it is still nice to experience the different temperatures and temperaments of the landscape. We walk amongst mountains that silently admire their white faces in the glacial lakes and mountains that roar while avalanches are tumbling down their backs. They are mountains that have individual names like Siula Grande and Yerupajá, but together they are the mountain region of Huayhuash. We are individuals from different nations, but like the mountains we have a rock solid connection between us. We are from Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America and South America. I know some of them from before, and I want to know all of them after.

My dear American colleague talks about spiritual things and spreads out a sweet energy on the trail. Another type of energy is personified in a pretty Chilean girl, who radiates playfulness while giving us walking Spanish lessons on the uphill. Her calm boyfriend from Malta is very pleasant and brings us water as we are dehydrated during a long afternoon rest in a hot spring. Their sweet English travel partner is also incredibly helpful and he is usually fixing with our tent in the end of the day and keeps us warm in there for the night. A tough Korean girl is sleeping in the tent next to us and we can continuously hear her hearty laughter, even if she is struggling with the altitude. The source of her laughter is usually our adorable Israeli guy, he is a joyful mathematician who was going to be a contestant in the Israeli Tv-version of Beauty and the geek instead of trekking in Peru. Another guy from New Zealand was neither planning to walk with us and started out on his own with a small tarp and a bit of tuna, but luckily he joined us with his charming, carefree personality. And we walk as a big, beautiful group of diversity and unity.

Sometimes I run ahead on the trail. It gives me a good balance of being with myself and being with others. To venture in my own pace and in my own mind, with the possibility to wait for fellowship and friendship to catch up.  During the bike trip I have never really felt alone. I have been content with my solitude, but when people walk into my heart I found it hard to continue without them. We stay together for a few darling days after completing the circuit. Different travel plans sends us off in different directions. I resume my cycling plan and steer my handlebars away from my friends. I can feel that sadness joins me down the hill and I hope that loneliness does not follow.




  1. Anna S. W. Thursday, May 12, 2011, at 3:11 PM

    Vackra fina Hanna, du skriver mig tårögd! Jag har sagt det förut, men jag säger det igen-du är en poet! Så fint att du träffar så fina människor som förgyller!
    Tänker på visan som dök i min vaggsångskvällsrepertoar vid nattningen häromkvällen… “…jag kan segla förutan vind, jag kan ro utan åror, men ej skiljas från vännen min, utan att fälla tårar.”
    Puss och kram

  2. Boris Tyszko Thursday, May 12, 2011, at 9:34 PM

    Sweet words Hannah. You are already missed. May the force be with you and your two-wheeled partner. xxx

  3. hanna Tuesday, May 17, 2011, at 11:32 AM

    Anna, visst är det som i visan. Min vers de senaste dagarna har gått ungefär så här…”jag kan cykla förutan medvind, jag kan trampa även om en eker och mina flaskhållare är sönder, men ej skiljas från vännen min, utan att fälla tårar.”

    Lyckligtvis så är cyklandet och trampandet alldeles underbart, och det ger mig mycket tid att tänka på alla dem jag lämnar bakom mig. Vissa av dem kommer jag tråkigt nog aldrig se igen, men jag är glad över att du och alla andra därhemma kommer finnas kvar att återvända till.

  4. hanna Tuesday, May 17, 2011, at 11:33 AM

    Thank you Boris. Miss you Boris.

  5. Anna S. W. Tuesday, May 17, 2011, at 3:30 PM

    jepp jag/vi är här och tar emot dig med öppna armar vare sig det tar ett eller fem år tills du reser hitåt igen! =)
    KRAM kära du!

  6. Elad Monday, July 18, 2011, at 11:31 AM

    From my modest experience of traveling, I can say that it is not the places that make the trip and life, it is the peoples that you travel with. People like I met in the Huayhuash cannot be found again.
    Hanna, you are a good intelligent person who persue good. This rare combination make the world a littel bit better. I glad that I have the oportunity to travel with you.
    If I would have to choose only two weeks to remember from this trip, I will choose this trip.
    Miss you all,

  7. hanna Monday, July 18, 2011, at 9:04 PM

    You are right Elad, but I hope that we will find eachother again. I truly enjoyed our time together, how you make me sing and how you make me laugh. I remember that you once said that you knew how to be happy, and I think you know how to make other people happy too.

    I miss all of us.

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