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I cross a border, reach the coast and find the sand landscape of northern Peru. First there are long stretches of beach. After a while there are long sections of desert. I love these open landscapes and it´s horizons. The land is flat and so is the road I am traveling on. There are many spots to stop at and simply be. I camp at a quiet beach in Zorritos, rest in a hammock in popular Mancóra and sleep in the isolated Sechura desert.

All this sand however, does not only provide comfort. When I follow the trails along the ocean I remember how hard it is to pedal and steer on ground made out of grains. Those grains of sand also sting my eyes as I cycle through the desert and against the wind. Sand finds the way into all small parts of my bike and a scorpion finds the way out of the sand to a part of my tent. The days are burning and I pour water into my body at the same time as sweat pours out of it. I arrive in the afternoons with red eyes and red skin. Some parts turn even redder as I scratch my bug bitten body.

But even if this landscape of sand sometimes sting, burn and itch, I find it wonderful to travel through. Everything feels real. Maybe that is why I decided to travel this way, because I can truly feel my surroundings. On the bike I get to experience as well as endure nature and it´s elements. In northern Peru, fire is the prevailing element. But there are also water, air and earth here. The water at the end of a sandy beach gives me refreshing rest in the sea, the air sometimes turns the sandy wind to give me a push and the earth mostly stays firm and continues to carry me in this true world of sand.




  1. Anna S Thursday, January 27, 2011, at 3:54 PM

    “…the earth mostly stays firm and continues to carry me in this true world of sand.” = Så fint! Du är en poet!

  2. hanna Sunday, January 30, 2011, at 10:49 AM

    Tack Anna, det är en bra jord vi har.

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